Imagine a neutral particle so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh

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Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields


Remembering what was learned in school

Electric fields

  • Loads of the same sign repel.
  • Loads of opposite sign attract.

Magnetic fields:

  • Equal fields repel each other
  • Opposite fields attract each other


campo eléctrico y campo magnético

Apparently there is no relation of the magnetic field with the electric field

It is not observed that an electric field is affected by a magnetic field, nor that a magnetic field is affected by an electric field.

Neither field varies its behavior when one field is in the presence of the other field.

Campo electromagnético

When the electric battery was invented (or discovered) and with it the opportunity to join, with a conductive wire, two opposing electric fields, It was observed that around the conductor wire (by which the components of the electric fields are supposed to pass) a magnetic field is produced.

An action is discovered between the electric fields and the magnetic fields.

campo magnético

Electric charges, which pass through a conductive thread, They generate a magnetic field.

By winding the conductive thread, in an iron, a magnetic field is produced that is identical to that of a natural magnet.

The electric charges in displacement interact with magnetic fields.

Cathode tube


Tubo catódico

The electric charges in displacement interact with the electric fields and with the magnetic fields

    • Produces and emits ions.
    • Electric field that controls the path of ions
    • Magnetic field controlling the path of ions

The trajectory of cathode-ray ions can be controlled by an electric field or magnetic field - Or for both-.

The laws, formulas and experiments of electric and magnetic fields were developed in the 19th century by Volta, Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz, etc.




Daily and for almost everything, we use the relationship of the electric fields with the magnetic fields, in addition to a neutral component.

The conversion of motion into electricity, (and the conversion of electricity into motion), are vital transformations in our well-being.

In many activities, even in simple activities, is used the generator action or the motor action.

Las tres dimensiones

In a simplified way

It all boils down to in braking, or accelerating, a thread in the influence of a magnetic field.
Electric charges in movement - electric fields - are generated in the driver.


To generate current (generator) or motion (motor) exists:


  • A magnetic field
  • An electric field
  • A neutral body in motion (Amount of movement, which is another field)

There are three force fields perpendicular to each other.


Current generator

A neutral body that modifies its displacement in a magnetic field, generates electric charges.

  • If it is a conductor (a) generates electric charges that move along the conductor.
  • If it is a neutral particle its electrical components are unfolded and move in the sense that they do it in the driver.


The vectors of the three fields (magnetic field, electric field, Field of movement) Establish the three dimensions of space

This relationship between the electric field, the magnetic field and a neutral component (field of motion) is even fulfilled in absolute vacuum.


Conclusions and assessments

This is the theory, and practice, of any middle-grade technical school.
In analyzing it, from the existence of the etherinos, there appears a possible unification of the electric fields with the magnetic ones.

It has been seen that:

The electric and magnetic fields do not interact with each other, and yet either of the two fields, (The magnetic field or the electric field) Acts on the electric particles in displacement.

An explanation is:

The electric fields interact strongly with magnetic fields but their actions are opposite and are spatially null.

There are two very strong but opposing forces, Opposing forces that are spatially nullified.

There are the electric field forces and the magnetic field forces but the actions neutralize each other and we can observe no interaction.

A slight displacement, between the fields, cancels part of the equilibrium and we can observe a small force.

  • An electric field is only for an observer who is at rest (spatial) with the electric field.
  • For an observer who moves, with respect to the electric field, at enormous speed that same phenomenon is a magnetic field.


An electric field exists only for the observer who is at rest with respect to that electric field.
A magnetic field exists only for the observer who moves at enormous speed with respect to the electric field.

They are the three components of space, the three dimensions of our space, out of phase in ninety degrees among them:

    • Magnetic field
    • Electric field
    • Motion field