Imagine a neutral particle so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh

félix martín gómez


After Einstein

After Einstein is The Great Unification, The General Unification of Physics.

Find the element that unifies the elemental forces.

That's the last thing Einstein was working on.

Before Einstein

There are the electromagnetic equations of J.C. Maxwell and the existence of the ether, where all events occur.

When it was shown that the ether does not exist, that there is no such static element, Einstein solved it by making the speed of light an invariant.

Thanks to this idea progress was made in the exploration of the macromundo and microworld.

In actuality

There is no ether, space is empty, the speed of light is an absolute value and energy has its minimum value at absolute zero, 0ºK.

Theoretical physics explains very little of the amount of discoveries and observations made at the macroscopic level and at the microscopic level.
What explains the big is not explains the small, which explains small is not explains the big.

Finding the ether

To imagine a type of dynamic ether is to enter into a new world where the basic forces make sense and our intellect knows and understands these basic forces, as well as the relation between these basic forces.
New concepts are discovered.

Exploring other realities, hidden worlds.

When ideas lead us to small discoveries, the proper thing is to define the phenomenon, to formulate and conquer it, to bring in it to everyday reality.

When the discovery is immense, the conquest obliges to go little by little and step by step, that entails a lifetime, perhaps several generations. If the discover it is a great continent and you want to conquer it, in a whole life you only get to know a small part of the immense continent discovered, but if you act like the assault forces do the first thing is to explore, camouflage, mimetizarse with the environment, without risking to bring anything, we do not know how the discovered the affects us just explore and observe the magnitude and implications of the new.

The main thing not is to bring, the key is to discover and pass the quarantine to try not to bring something potentially dangerous.

Explore is to trail all, just see it without interfering, without making decisions that condition the next exploration.

We enter a new world where our experience only serves us to understand without trying at any time to delimit that great world. The limitations are in our ability to observe and understand, hasty conclusions limit our ability to observation.

One hundred years ago, to consider the speed of light an absolute, was a path.
Now, to consider the speed of light an absolute, is a barrier, a wall that prevents advance in the knowledge of our reality.
In research we must ensure that the Tree of Science does not hide the forest (to avoid that Science masks the reality that is beyond our comprehension).