Imagine a neutral particle so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh

félix martín gómez


Let us seek, with our intellect, beyond the obvious, in search of other possible realities.
We begin by conceptualizing.

Energy.- It is born in matter, the impact of the etherino on matter.

The dimensions of energy are three: electric field, magnetic field and movement.


The data from; temperature, energy, heat, movement, etc. are analyzed in this link.
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The energy on the surface of the Earth

We will develop ideas and concepts that will allow us to understand the infinite forms of energy.
The surface of the Earth warms the energy of the Sun. With reference to the sea level.
Energy development is done with solar energy in mind.


The energy

The space is full of movement, particles of the ether, it is the neutral ether.
Matter transforms a very small part of the neutral ether, in electromagnetic movement "electric ether" or, as they are electric particles in motion, in reality it is electromagnetic ether, which is created or born in matter and expands to space since matter.

The electromagnetic ether, a difference of neutral, is very interactive with matter.

When generating the Electromagnetic ether, that from now on we will call "energy ether", It does so in a primary stage, with a lot of speed and small size.
This energy ether is undetectable, we can consider it as conceptual energy, we will never get to detect this primary energy.

The energetic ether is an ether very very interactive with the matter, and the great masses, as it is the Sun, get to accumulate an eter energy with an enormous structural size, having the speed of displacement to only 300,000 Km / sec.

The minimum energy level with which our Sun emits is 4,700ªK. Energy level of a mega-structure of billions of basic particles. The speed of crossing the universe in a sigh has reduced it to only 300,000 km/sec. Very low speed, immense structure.


Etheric transformation in energy

Within the matter, the neutral ether is converted to electromagnetic ether

The three dimensions of spaceThe transformation of etherino, neutral ether, in electric particle, energy ether, is performed in a space with three dimensions.

Displacement of energy

The energy ether is generated and part of matter, having a three-dimensional configuration,

Displacement, electromagnetic field; electric and magnetic. The three dimensions areoutdated ninety degrees.


The energy of the energetic ether that starts from the Sun is a megastructure with a displacement of 300,000 Km / sec.
Perpendicular to the direction of displacement, vector of movement, is the electromagnetic vector (electric field and magnetic field out of phase 90 degrees between them).
The displacement of the energetic ether is in a straight line from the mass that emits it and this emission is in the three spatial directions.


Polarization of energy

The energy has three dimensions one is the displacement and the other two are the electromagnetic field; electric field and magnetic field.
Placing a polarized grid, perpendicular to the emitter, cancels an electromagnetic dimension.
If this polarized energy is passed through another grid that is out of phase ninety degrees with respect to the previous grid, the other dimension thereby cancels out the energy emission.



The expansion of the ether energy has the peculiarity of propagating as wave, It expands like ether that is, tending to fill the entire space.
It is an energy megastructure that expands, is formed by an infinite number of linked structures, reaching the particle level.

Being a megastructure makes the ether energy (energy) that emits the Sun have both forms, waveform and particle shape.

As a ripple borders obstacles, it skirts the materials that oppose its expansion.
As a particle, not only is the wave portion affected impacts with matter, also affects structures that do not directly impact but are attached and annexed to those that have impacted.



Thinking about the emissions of the Sun on the surface of the Earth.

As an energetic ether, energy, it interacts with all matter that it finds in its expansion, remember, energy interacts with matter.

The matter adds to its structure the new energetic structures received, it acquires the new structures, the matter increases its energetic level.
Matter absorbs all the energy it can and receives.
The new energy received increases the energy level of the matter.

The energetic structures of matter, structures that do not form a material part (of the atom or of the molecule);they are emitted, they escape, they expand or they go out into space, the matter that has received them becomes a new and independent emitter of energy.
The emission of energy of the new matter behaves like a new emitter and similar to the previous emitter, this matter in turn returns to emit energy in all directions of space and in a straight line.



The matter varies its energetic state depending on the layer or energy level of the electron.

The basic element of matter is the atom.
The atom has its electrons in different states and levels, depending on the level of energy in which it is.
On the surface of the Earth, and depending on the energy level, it can change state; liquid, solid and gaseous. The state changes do so by emitting or absorbing a certain amount of energy.

Atoms are very likely to bond, to form new structures with other atoms, they do so by sharing electrons. The varieties of unions and combinations are endless.

The energy levels, of the different combinations of atoms, are very precise and concrete. The same amount of energy is always required for the same combination, under equal conditions of pressure and temperature.
These combinations are known as chemical reactions, reactions that absorb or emit energy, - same reaction, same amount of energy -

IIn chemical reactions, the emission of energy is moderate, at the wave level. The chemical reactions of emissions with component as a particle are scarce and very special.
In the Sun, apart from chemical reactions, atomic reactions are produced, very energetic reactions that modify the essence of the atom.
Deep inside the great masses, where the energy level is very high, the energy becomes part of the matter - the energy becomes matter - and the matter becomes part of the energy - the matter becomes energy-.
The emissions of the atomic reactions are radioactive, very high emissions of energy that has high level of particle.
Radioactive emissions break the bonds of chemical reactions, especially organic chemical bonds.
Emissions as a particle or high particle content are deadly for our organism.

The solar emissions - very energetic particles - that the Sun emits, are deadly for our existence, if the solar emissions impact us directly, it would kill us.
The atmosphere, the molecules of the air acts as a filter, they absorb the direct energy of the Sun - very energetic particles - and re-emit it at lower levels, at energy levels, at wave levels, eliminating or absorbing most of the particle component of the original solar emission.
Clean atmospheres and low humidity, deserts, cause burns inside our skin. The same happens if the layer of the atmosphere decreases as it does in the high mountains.



The temperature is not the same as the energy level:

Energy level indicates a specific temperature of emission or from absorption of energy by structural changes in mass, what was raised previously.
Temperature indicates an energy level of a mass resulting from the reception and emission of many and varied energy levels.
Así tenemos que:

To say 22ºC of temperature we tend to believe that it is a unique level of absorption and emission, when in fact there can be energetic emissions from 0ºK to 16,000ºK.
If we can see, already indicates that there are emissions between 1,800ºK, red, and 16,000ºK blue.
Thus we see that there is no concrete temperature, we add some nuance; thermal sensation, dry thermometer, wet thermometer,.

In order to try to define a specific temperature, the radiation of a black body, Looking for the perfect matter in the absorption and emission of energy.
In reality, what is sought is to find a coherent result in the measurement and interpretation of energy and its manifestations.
Each type of matter shows a slight temperature difference, depending on its constitution varies slightly its measurement of heat.
Radiation of a black body, is a way of marking a reference unit of measure in the absorption and emission of energy.



The technicians resort to similes, we seek to study the unknown through similar behaviors in known environments.

The currency or economic level is similar to the study of energy.

Energy is produced and distributed starting at large masses.
The rest of small masses receive energy, transform it, use it and emit it into smaller values.
They also keep energy, which can then be returned, chemical reactions. They do not create energy, but manage it, store it and re-emit it.
Masses absorb and emit energy

Money, whether currency or wealth management is only created by the state or house of the currency.
The rest of people or entities only manage the money or the economy, but they do not produce currency, they only store and manage it.
We are continuously earning and spending money.
When we receive the salary we receive high value currency, than we are slowly spending in smaller currency.

The similes of energy and currency are many and varied.

We must receive, from time to time, currency for our salary, emissions of a certain value.
We spend every day on smaller currencies, lower emissions.
In our environment, we emit and receive coins, each time of lower values, until we receive the salary and we return to having a sustainable economy.

In residential neighborhoods is managed with high value currencies, some families will have a different economic level to others, but all of the area have a similar and quite high economic level.
In working-class neighborhoods and slums they also receive and give money, at levels similar to those of their neighbors, but at very different economic levels from one area to another.
The lower economic level may lead one to believe that the concept of money does not exist or does not serve, however there is always a smaller monetary value.
The currency we despise for its small value is of great value in communities of lower economic power.

In our daily lives we must receive and manage wealth that we fractionalize and we spend little by little.
In our daily living we must receive and manage energy that we fractionalize and we spend little by little.

A new concept is the existence of states that guarantee a minimum economic level of its citizens, that is to say that nobody reaches a level of poverty, however bad it manages its wealth, the state guarantees that minimum level of wealth.
In energy, on the surface of our planet, the minimum level of energy is 0º Kelvin or -273º Celsius, but it is not the minimum energy level of the universe.
The planet Earth guarantees a minimum level of energy of 0ºK.
The planet Earth guarantees a minimum level of energy of 0ºK.
We think that OºK is the "absolute zero", zero of energy.
Here we are now assessing the possibility that the mass of the planet Earth generates energy that keeps the interior of the planet at a temperature above 1,000ºC, making it a planet in a liquid state except for the outer layer, between 50 km and 100 Km, which is a solid layer.
The outer layer of planet Earth is solid by the emission of energy.

Upon reaching the outside of the planet, the energy expands into space and does so up to the energy level of -273ºK, which is the minimum level with which the surface of the planet Earth emits.
The minimum value of energy with which the Sun emits is 4,500º C.

On the surface of the Earth you can not reach an energy level below 0ºK, it is the minimum level with which the energy generated by the mass of the planet is emitted.

Mass generates gravity and, its antagonistic, energy, (we overcome gravity with energy), action and reaction.
Large masses are required to be noticed these two phenomena, gravity and energy.
The mass of the Earth generates a gravity whose value we have taken as the unit, that is to say that it is worth 1g or a gravity.
The energy that emits the planet Earth we say that it is the zero of energy, when in fact it is a very high value, the one corresponding to the energy that is generated this great mass in its interior and that manages to reach the outside.

We take gravity and energy with reference to the surface of the planet, but it varies if we measure it; two kilometers above, or two kilometers below the surface of the Earth. There will be slight differences, but there are.
In the case of gravity we do not question it, if we question it for energy, since this hypothesis is new and we have to check if it is real.

In the laboratories a value close to -273ºC is obtained, the laboratories above sea level.
Now we propose that, two kilometers above and two kilometers below sea level, the minimum temperature that can be achieved will be:

- two kilometers above the surface of the Earth, lower temperatures must be achieved, even below 0 ° K.
- two kilometers below the surface of the Earth it will not be possible to approach the 0ºK, and even if we penetrate more into the Earth's interior, the existence of liquid helium will not be possible.

These deductions are theoretical and for my difficult to quantify, I can imagine the phenomenon, but not its possible value.
I think that, in high cities such as La Paz or Quito, the existence of liquid helium will be easier, for the scanners or CT, cryogenic temperatures easier to achieve and maintain than it is up sea level.
I imagine that, in the deep sea, between eight or nine kilometers deep, the lowest temperatures to be achieved does not allow the existence of liquid helium and it is possible that neither the existence of cryogenic liquids. It would be necessary to prove if these assumptions are true.
Test with a cryogenic container, properly designed to withstand the high pressures, and see if it remains liquid and at what depth the different cryogenic elements cease to exist. If cryogenic exists at four or five kilometers deep, it is to reconsider my assumptions.
I conclude that not only the existence of cryogenic liquids in the deep sea is not possible, but that the existence of solid CO2, -50ºC or 223ºK, is not even possible.

I do not know if this is reality and if there have already been problems with liquid helium in the depths of the Earth, until now there is no one who has suggested this possibility, I have even thought that in the marine pits the minimum temperature values to get closer to 0ºC or 273ºK, which would allow the existence of a great variety of organic life. I do not mean the temperature of the water, as a balance between the energy it emits and receives, which will be around 4ºC because of the coefficient of expansion of the water.
It is easier to measure the existence of the "energetic ether", minimum temperatures to be obtained, in the depths of the sea that, in the depths of the terrestrial platform, we already know that the temperature of the deep mines is around 50-60ºC, but I do not know if they have installed machines that get and measure the minimum possible temperatures to get. Know if it is possible the existence of solid carbon anhydride, -50ºC, in deep mines, although this experiment requires protection, since when passing CO2 from solid to gaseous it displaces oxygen, so the air would become poisonous due to an insufficient proportion of oxygen in the afmosphere to allow life.

The idea conveyed is that;just as we have supposed the existence of a "neutral ether" (of action), developed in all this work and that produces gravity, it opposes an "energetic ether" (of reaction).The lowest value of energy on the surface of the Earth is -273ºC, the energy emission value of our planet Earth and therefore the lowest energy value.
On the surface -273ºC, higher or lower than sea level, this value will be lower or higher.

They are new ideas that justify heat and energy above and below the surface of the Earth.

Energy and gravity are the result of the existence of two great masses, the Sun and the Earth, that allow us to exist in a continuous equilibrium.
On Earth its gravity keeps us stuck to its surface, but if it were not for the Sun, we would freeze. The gravity and the energy of the Sun is mortal for our existence, the distance between the Sun and the Earth maintains a balance of gravity-energy Earth-Sun that allows us to exist.