Imagine a neutral particle so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh

félix martín gómez


The knowledge

Knowledge is individual and belongs to each individual, fron the human race.

Knowledge is what you know and what is real for you.


Science is the compilation of knowledge of every human being.

In science you will find everything that the human species knows.

Science keeps the different discoveries and conquests of the reality that surrounds us, But in the temple of science are also found:

  • fear, terror of the unknown
  • control, power
  • pride, arrogance

    "....All our science, compared to reality, is primitive and childish and, Nonetheless, Is the most valuable thing we have." Albert Einstein.

When there is a great discovery or a great advance the awe , fears and pride are manifested.

It appears what we know as dogma, they condemn the eternal fire to those who come to break the harmony and perfection of functioning.

Four hundred years ago they burned those who questioned the perfection of creation, a hundred and fifty years ago ridiculed Darwin for his absurd idea that the world has existed for hundreds of thousands of years.

It always seems that this was before, in antiquity, that now does not happen. But nothing has changed in the way they act and they will crucify the prophets, burn the Galileans by revolutionaries and breakers of the perfect established order.

The maxim of science is: "All it´s discovered, only small details are missing" and what they get is that, only discovers small details.

The Flammarion engravingFigure 1

All the reality that surrounds us has already been discovered, only some details are missing.
Mathematics is what marks the limits of reality, the cause is known and the effect is predicted.

Here what we are going to do is to explore the reality that surrounds us and that you, at all times, see than:

  • makes sense
  • you can understand
  • you sense it may be true.
The Flammarion engravingFigure 2

KNOWN REALITY, delimited by mathematics.
POSSIBLE REALITY, an immense reality that we do not know but that we can understand.
UNKNOWN REALITY, a great reality that we will not get to perceive.

We started the great search for Einstein "General Unification of Physics".

To make this trip is necessary to prepare, to think that only a very small part of the reality that surrounds us is perceived.

We must be humble, very humble and understand that there are many more phenomena than we observe..

In addition to humility is necessary respect, since always, o matter where we arrive, We will find the traces of the thought of other humans.

We are going to enter an immense field of investigation that we are going to explore, We only seek to see and understand the phenomena.
Conquering what is discovered needs to apply mathematics, that limits exploration to a few phenomena.

Thinking about Galileo, how is it possible that learned people and very prepared did not understand Galileo? Why did not they understand what is obvious to our schoolchildren? The answer may lie in dogmatic beliefs, respect the learned does not allow them to see the forest beyond the Tree of Science.

¿How to overcome dogma?, In the same way as our schoolchildren, with fantasy .
The dogma prevents they from looking at the sky in a starry night and imagining a universe with millions of worlds.

It is what we are going to carry in this exploration, humility, respect and fantasy.

The idea is very simple:

"Imagine very small and very fast neutral particles, millions of millions, moving for equally in all directions"


The idea arose to understand and give meaning to the interpretation of the electric field, and I verified that this idea also serves to understand many phenomena.

A similar idea was discarded at the end of century XIX (1890) and was called Ether (Ether), idea with which worked J.C. Maxwell, The father of electromagnetism, and the ether defined it:

ETHER.- Very subtle substance that fills the whole universe, matter and energy behave in the ether, how they behave sonic vibrations in the hardest of steels.

Interpretation that coincides with the interpretation that can be made with the neutral particles that fill the universe and move by millions of millions.
This classical idea is discarded with the experiment of Michelson-Morley, ending with the idea of a full universe and they took on to the idea of an empty universe.

The experiment, Michelson-Morley, discards a static ether, But does not rule out a dynamic ether, then it is viable the exploration that I propose to do.

My training is technical and I look for ideas to understand the hidden.
This work is oriented to minds seeking realities that exist beyond the observable.
Copying Einstein, I apply to my technical knowledge the reasoning and yhe imagination.

In this exploration you have to follow the three rules that I have already exposed:

    • Humility which will allow us to see a reality beyond what is currently known, and it is only a small portion of the universe of which we are part.
    • Respect to all those who have preceded us with ideas and work that may now seem rudimentary, but without them we would not be talking about science.
    • Fantasy for to imagine hidden worlds, but we only accept fantasy when:
    • Makes sense
    • We understand
    • It can be possible

    Reading Einstein in his "Meaning of Relativity" allowed me to continue in this study.
    In Einstein I found the conceptual quest for inertia and gravity.
    From Einstein I copied the term "zero inertial point" although redefined to this new exposure.
    Very important was the logic of Einstein to raise the need to relate events in the universe searching "The correlation of happenings", Avoiding expression "at the same time". This led me to consider the speed of these particles as very fast, are able to to cross the known universe in a sigh. Any event in the universe is transmitted by these particles in less than one breath of ours, we can relate one event after another event. You remember that we are using fantasy that we understand, makes sense and may be possible.

    After years of reasoning with these particles, that they will justify our universe and they will be the origin of the reality that surrounds us, I must admit that I only think of them as something conceptual to which I assign minimal properties that justify known phenomena. I adopt that it is out of my intellect to define them in all their magnitude. I can only imagine them as motion, neutral particle (formed by a positive and negative particle) in motion, so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh.

    Very simple, Imagine a neutral particle so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh. It is not necessary reason it, just imagine it, it does not have to be real, only that it makes sense.

    Imagine a neutral particle that in a sigh goes from one end to another of the universe through you. It is neutral and therefore you can imagine millions of millions of particles that are continually going through you. You can imagine that in real time and in each beat of your heart, You are participating in the universe, and on the next heartbeat, when the particle has cross you, the universe participates in you.

    With these particles and feeling the center of the universe, we begin to see the basic forces of nature:

    • Atomic forces, the strong and the weak.
    • Inertia
    • Gravity
    • Matter
    • Energy

    Knowledge is in you and if you understand and it makes sense you can think it is real.

    It is complex, for those not prepared in the subject, but it is simple to understand and to know, is the object of this work.

    You will find answers to current questions (new questions will also appear).

    It is a research work that seeks:

    • see
    • comprehend
    • perceive the reality that surrounds us
    • give meaning to physical phenomena
    • understand the relation of physical phenomena.

    I hope this reading brings you new ideas and leads to discover new phenomena.