Imagine a neutral particle so small, so small that it crosses the known universe in a sigh

félix martín gómez



The analyzed so far is new and looks incredible, but it is logical, reasonable and probable.

The purpose of this study is to be understandable, reasonable and that make sense to the reader.
If it has been achieved, it means that what you has been seen so far makes sense to you and you want more than an exploration, you want to make sense of the seen.
This journey has been considered as an exploration, to see and to understand without drawing conclusions, to bring nothing to reality, just to know is it.
If in this exploration you have come up with one or several ideas and possible realities, go with them, I would love to meet them.

The road that has brought me here is long and there are many topics, exciting subjects for those who love science and I present it as the path I have traveled.

There are many themes, but the most exciting is tint the energy; Differentiating energy, heat, temperature, energy level, movement, etc.



I am technician and as a technician came the whole approach:

It all started by searching at how to make sense of the existence of the electric field.
I resorted to the technical method of; similes, analogies, equivalences, And it was when I imagined to the moving neutral particles passing through an electric field.

The idea of the neutral particles in motion also explained more phenomena and as I read Einstein and his imaginary laboratory I continued with the theme of "The General Unification of Physics" but focusing it from the perspective of the existence of the Ether.
With Einstein I was able to get into the hypothetical laboratory, taking into account his; Instantaneous, remote action, event correlation, zero inertial point and more conceptual issues which led me to rethink Space and time considering the existence of the ether.

The existence of the Ether allows us to see:

  • The neutral forces of action;Supergravity, gravity, minigravity, inertia and zero point inertial.
  • The electromagnetic reaction forces; strong nuclear force, the matter, energy and plasma .

The ether is like the glue or the mortar that allows to unite all the loose concepts of the basic forces, more; the matter, energy and even movement.
The ether allows to see and to understand abstract concepts, the first was to understand the manifestation of the electric field.


Do not think that my ideas attack or cancel Einstein's ideas, is the character that most influenced when making many approaches, and I pointed out that several concepts I found in their assessments, but a little more than a hundred years ago, light was the concept of the smallest and ether did not exist.

Atomic development was not achieved until 1930, with approaches like the neutrino and discover that the mass, matter, is practically hollow, So this idea, of the dynamic ether, could not have developed until after the first half of the last century.
The scientist who worked in this field was Nicola Tesla, The only one that until now raises energy as something abundant, cheap and within reach of anyone, as something that is in space.

The most obvious differences with classical theory are:

  • The light is a huge energy structure that travels to 300,000 km/s.
    It is expanding and decreasing of structure so it is increasing speed, having the light that reaches us from the distant universe has the speed of 600,000 km/s and its structure tends towards the infrared.

    Not to an expanding universe, it is the energy that is wearing away, going down, and increasing the speed.
  • Mass produces or generates energy.
    No to the Big Bang.
  • Space is full of movement and there are impurities, matter, makes a tiny part of that movement is transformed into energy.
    In the starry nights we observe infinity of stars that act like white holes, emitters of that energy that produces the matter.

    No to an empty universe with black holes that absorb energy.

There are more obvious conclusions that will be raised at another time.

An interesting approach is who is right? What is the most correct theory?
The answer is: say who says what and when you say it,we will never be right, the one who is right is the nature, we can only imagine the most probable reality.

Yourself, what is the planning that leads you to understand more phenomena?1

We are afraid of immensity, we seek limits to space and time, infinity causes us anxiety, so we do not accept realities beyond our intellect.

Of vertigo:

-If the Etherinos go through the universe in a sigh, in millions of years, for how many universes have they traveled?
It leads us to argue that our universe is a grain of sand on a beach of universes, and we may even think that that mega-universe is another grain of sand from a beach of mega-universes.

This conclusion leads us to understand our limited capacity for understanding, to be aware of how insignificant we are, leads us to the humility As a person and as a species, in the end what we get is to prepare ourselves to understand what was hidden.

Walking on new paths brings us closer to Zarathustra, Fiction character Nietzsche, what did he say:

In many different ways I came to my truth and in many ways.
I haven't climbed for a single ladder to the heights from where my eyes roam the world.
It's always been difficult for me to ask for ways: I never liked it!
I preferred to ask and test the roads themselves!
"This is my way. Where is yours?"
So I answered those who asked for the "el" way.
For the way, indeed, does not exist!

Nietzsche. Thus spake Zarathustra

The simpler is said by our poet Antonio Machado:

Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking

I think of a gold finder who finds the beta mother, which contains more gold than you can imagine.
I am thinking of the danger that this miner is facing to be killed and hiding his mine so that he will not bankrupt the gold market.
A big nugget of gold makes you a millionaire, an immensity of gold makes you a pariah.

Ese es el sentimiento que obtengo de este trabajo..